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​​​Bond-Based Choice Training
A Modern Method to Training Dogs.
What is
Bond-Based Choice Training?
 Bond-Based Choice Training is a revolutionary, relationship-based alternative to training for dogs and their people. This educational protocol focuses on giving dogs the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to manage their own behavior, rather than simply training them to respond to cues and commands.

Research has found that dogs cognitive function, emotions and ability to learn is equivalent to that of a toddler.  As a result, we have found that if we teach them in the same way that we teach young children, we are more successful and the dogs learn faster.  And when we tap into their ability to learn using Bond-Based Choice Training,  dogs are happier, safer, more content and fit better into our world.

We start by building secure attachments and bonds with our dogs.  Once we have this bond, the dogs learn very easily and much faster.  Among the skills we develop in the dogs, is the ability to communicate with us by answering questions, identify items by name,  and using their ability to mimic us.   We also utilize choice, which gives the dogs the ability to have control over themselves, resulting in a dog that has self-awareness and confidence.  

 In addition, this method helps build great relationships based on mutual respect, trust, understanding, and care.   Bond-Based Choice Training is easy, fast, effective and
fun for both the owner and the dog. 

Building a Bond

​Bond-Based Choice Training starts by developing a close bond with your dog.  The bond is the foundation of the program.  

Once the connection is developed, we see a tremendous difference in the behavioral component in the dog.   The dogs are happier, more confident, and they have a greater ability to process information.  This creates a successful learning enviroment, and a well-mannered family member. 

Cognitive Development

​​​​​​​​When we develop the cognitive function of dogs, we have dogs that are independent thinkers.  When a dog is an independent thinker, he is capable of problem solving and is more able to adjust to novel experiences and enviroments.  

We do this by utilizing development exercises and games that are fun for both the dog and the human.  You will be amazed at the unbelievable  abilities of your dog.

Giving Choices

Our dogs have very little control of their lives, this can result in anxiety and stress. 

Through Bond-Based Choice Training we give the dogs the opportunity to make choices.  When they have this ability,  dogs tend to make good choices, and are capable of self-directing their own behavior.  

Allowing dogs make choices, results in a dog that is more confident and behaves appropriately.


Bond-Based Choice Training is based on the latest, cutting-edge research from some of the most prestigious Universities and research facilities located all over the world.
We have utilized this research to develop a program to help dog owners and pet professionals easily understand, relate to and teach dogs,

With Bond-Based Choice Training, you and your dog will learn how to communicate with each other and will build a great relationship.  Leading to happy, well-mannered, safe pets. 
Photo courtesy of Emory University who conducted
fMRI studies on dogs to further understand their
cognitive function.
See the brilliance of your dog
with Bond-Based Choice Training!